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Lake Minear Beach is Lake County's premier member-supported beach with swimming in the summer, year-round fishing, and a schedule of fun events for members.

Located at 600 West Oak Spring Road in Libertyville, you’ll find fun and recreation for the whole family. You can play and swim in the refreshing spring-fed waters or just relax on the clean sandy beach. Our picnic area is equipped with several picnic tables and charcoal grills. Our concession stand is open daily and provides tasty treats and drinks for the family. Free Wi-Fi an a outdoor shower are available. The lake has been stocked with several pan fish so there’s plenty of good fishing, too. Watch for special events that are planned throughout the season like our Fishing Derby which will be held May 21st from 8:00am to 12:00pm.

Operated by the non-profit Libertyville Boat Club with the help of volunteers, the beach has been serving the community since 1957. It is a private lake that is supported solely by its members and at no cost to taxpayers. When you become a member, you’re helping to preserve the ecology of one of the most important natural resources of this community, and carrying on a tradition enjoyed by Lake County families for generations.

Full Service Concessions

Enjoy pizza, pretzels, frozen treats and candy, all at great prices!

Free Wi-Fi

Need to surf the web while the kids play in the water? We've got you covered.

● fresh sand is brought in every Spring

We offer a number of fun events at the beach- some exclusively for members and their guests, and some open to the public.

Joining our Facebook group is the best way to keep updated on all the great events we offer!

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    Here are some Frequently Asked Question, along with
    some Occasionally Right Answers.

    Is the water safe to swim in after all that flooding?

    Yes, Lake County tested the water and assured us it is perfectly clean and safe for swimming.

    I Just Bought A Fishing License- When do I get my key?

    Keys will be given out at the Fishing Derby, and will be available afterwards at the front gate anytime during beach hours.

    I Just Joined the Beach- how do I get in?

    Just bring your drivers license or other ID and show it to our crack security team at the front gate.

    Is it true there's a Loch-Ness styled monster living in Lake Minear?

    Despite rumors, reported sightings and the occasional blurry photograph, there is no giant lake monster living in Lake Minear. Anyone who says otherwise has probably had one ring-pop too many from our concession stand.

    Can I bring my dog to the beach

    While we'd love to bring our own four-legged friends to the beach, Illinois State Law prohibits dogs on beaches where swimming is allowed. Instead you might want to consider a visit to the nearby Independence Grove Dog Park

    How can I bring Guests to the Beach?

    Guest passes can be purchased at the gate, or if you want to plan ahead, you can purchase a 10-Punch Pass

    Is the Lake Monster named "Minnie" or "Neary"?

    People living west of Milwaukee Avenue tend to refer to the monster as "Neary", while people living on the East side prefer "Minnie". This has led to many heated arguments and created a bit of a rivalry. All of this is absurd, of course, since there is no Lake Monster living in Lake Minear.

    Aren't you closing down any day now?

    It's true we weathered a bit of a rough patch, but thanks to incredible community support, the support of amazing local businesses, the efforts of dozens of volunteers and the hard work of a talented and handsome web management team, we'll be here for many more generations to enjoy.

    Can I host my child's birthday party at the Beach?

    Yes you can! You can call the beach during normal business hours, or use our web signup form here

    Can I bring my Kayak/Stand-Up Paddle Board/Hovercraft to the Lake?

    The charter we operate under is pretty specific about allowing fishing boats under 10 horsepower only. The homeowners who live on the lake have automatic access, which is why you'll occasionally see non-fishing boats out on the lake.

    How about alchoholic beverages? Can I bring some?


    Are there Zebra Mussels in Lake Minear?

    Sadly, yes there are. Since we bring in truckloads of sand for the beach every year, they don't pose much of a hazard to the feet of our swimmers, but boat owners need to follow the proper precautions so they don't inadvertently spread the little buggers to another lake.

    My Friend says she totally saw a Lake Monster- is she crazy?

    Again, there is no lake monster- your friend probably saw one of the large fish we stock the lake with annually, or it's possible she saw the tip of Charlie Minear's Quarry Crane sticking out of the top of the water. And yes, your friend is crazy.

    Lake Minear is a part of the fabric of Libertyville- generations of families have created lasting memories here.

    Our members and corporate sponsors help us guarantee that we'll be here for future generations as well