Just to be clear, we’re not interested in tracking you anywhere online, in any way shape or form. The only data we’re interested in is the data you share with us when you purchase a Lake Minear membership- and we only use that to make sure you get access to the activities and services you paid for. We don’t want to tailor ads to your demographic, track your recent Amazon purchases or know how you voted in the last election. We want to make it more fun and more convenient for you to come visit our lake, and possibly sell you some mozzarella sticks while you’re here.


Any data we collect via the website is never shared outside the management and staff of Lake Minear. We don’t share or sell your contact information with mailing list companies, marketing firms or anyone else. The information we collect is used solely to verify membership and improve the services we offer at the lake.


We certainly hope you’ll “like” us on Facebook and tell your friends about us, but we don’t need to collect data on you to do that better- we just need to earn your praise. We need to work as hard as we can making Lake Minear the best local fishing spot and summer beach destination possible.